Instructions for SensOrchestra Firmware (SOFware) update

1. download the file SOFware.syx (right-click on link) and save it to disk (ca.18kb).
2. connect SensOrchestra to Computer: MIDI out of Computer to MIDI in of SensOrchestra.
3. Power up SensOrchestra.
4. Send file from disk to SensOrchestra. For that you need a program which is capable of sending MIDI Sysex files. We recommend MidiOx (free download here).

Before you do the update, it is important to adjust the delay settings for MidiOx, or whatever program you use here. If the data are sent too fast, SensOrchestra may no more work (at least until a successful firmware update!).
So, for MidiOx open SysEx View; under the Sysex menu entry, call "Configure".
Set "Delay after F7" and "Delay" to 100ms each.
If you use a different MIDI utility, set time/delay accordingly.

Done? Now, in MidiOx select menu entry "Actions - Send - SysExFile", locate the file you downloaded (SOFware.syx) and Open (=Send) it!

The firmware update may take about a minute. When the data transfer starts, first the LEDS go out. After a short pause, the red LEDs begin to flash, growing steadily brighter. After a successful transfer, SensOrchestra is rebooted, and hopefully working better than ever before!.

If you experience problems with the firmware update (may be indicated by flashing red LEDs going on-off, NOT dark to bright), or in any other way:
1. power down, power up
2. try to repeat the firmware update, check MIDI cable, delay settings
3. get personal assistance: official hours: Wed., 22:00 - 01:00, Cafe Stern